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The Digital Accelerator Ring and the Main Hand Brake

Driving Comfort

Very little effort is required to accelerate, and the driver can keep both hands on the steering-wheel.

The distance from idle to full throttle is only about 3/4 inch

The leather-covered ring turns freely on its cicular holder to enable a smooth acceleration coming out of a curve.

The new version "duo" enables the driver to choose between two driving styles : "Standard" or "Fun" using a selector on the dashboard:

I - The "Standard" style gives the driver an excellent sensibility in acceleration, very smooth starts and an enjoyable and economical ride. It adapts its response to the speed of the vehicle:

At low speed the acceleration is smooth, progressive and economical. It makes delicate manoeuvres during parking or backing up very easy. The gas consumption is reduced, because even a rough handling of the accelerator ring will not result in a rough acceleration, and so avoiding any over consumption.
However the full engine power of the vehicle always remains available.

At high speed the acceleration is dynamic and responsive making quick and precise moves like passing on the freeway very safe. It allows you to keep your hands on the wheel in an ergonomical and natural position requiring very little effort.

II - The "Sport" style gives the driver a dynamic sensation enabling him to skillfully get a very precise acceleration, fast starts and a real pleasure in driving while still enjoying all the advantages of the ring adapting its response to the speed of the car.