Digital accelerator ring DARIOS
and main hand brake for AUDI

Driving an Audi without the use of both legs

Our solution for hand controls for paraplegic drivers, is DARIOS - the Digital Accelerator Ring and the Main Hand Brake. 

Smoothly push the ring towards the steering wheel to accelerate. Move the main hand brake downward to brake. It may be installed left or right from the steering wheel.

The driver can maintain both hands on the wheel or take one hand off to control the radio or the fan while keeping full control of the vehicle.

This adaptation can be installed on most vehicles with automatic transmissions. 

The original pedals can still be used and all the adjustments of the steering column remain functional.

All airbags, including the knee airbag remain functional.

The acceleration of DARIOS is  indexed to the speed of the vehicle and very little pressure is needed to accelerate.

The digital accelerator ring "DARIOS" adapts its acceleration to the speed of the vehicle:

At low speed the acceleration is smooth, progressive and economical. It makes delicate manoeuvres during parking or backing up very easy.
The gas consumption is reduced, because even a rough handling of the accelerator ring will not result in a rough acceleration, and so avoiding any over consumption.

However the full engine power of the vehicle always remains available.

At high speed the acceleration is more dynamic and responsive making quick and precise moves like passing on the freeway very safe. It allows you to keep your hands on the wheel in an ergonomical and natural position requiring very little effort.


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of the accelerator ring DARIOS

Driving with both hands on the wheel

- Both hands can be used to steer. 
- The distance from idle to wide open throttle is only 3/4 inch.
- Very little effort is required to accelerate and it is constant at any speed.
- The ring has a leather covered sleeve which slides freely over its holder enabling smooth accelerations while exiting a turn.
- All functions and all adjustments of the steering wheel remain functional. 

The main Hand brake

left or right from the steering wheel

The main handbrake is well integrated in the dashboard. Its lever is pushed downward to brake. It is purely mechanical.
Its knob is covered with leather.

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The installation of the main hand brake doesn't interfere with any of the original functions of the vehicle. All the adjustments (tilt and telescopic) of the steering column are maintained, the knee airbag remains functional and the knee space remains free of any metal parts.

The force required to brake by hand is approximately half the force required by foot.



select your driving style

Discover DARIOS-DUO with its "sport" mode - the pleasure of driving!

The version "duo" enables the driver to choose between two driving styles : "Standard" or "Sport" (also called "Fun" by some drivers) using a selector on the dashboard:

I - The "Standard" style gives the driver an excellent sensibility in acceleration, very smooth starts and an enjoyable and economical ride. It adapts its response to the speed of the vehicle:

II - The "Sport" style gives the driver a dynamic sensation enabling him to skillfully get a very precise acceleration, fast starts and a real pleasure in driving while still enjoying all the advantages of the ring adapting its response to the speed of the car.

“Durability and Safety exceed our expectations.
We are so very delighted with adaptions. Easy to learn and use. Looks fantastic and performs beyond expectations.
Top class service from start to finish.
Service is superior to any mobility adaptive equipment I have used. Quality and service in one place is amazing. Driving with confidence is a pleasure thanks for Kempf” 
Donna H., GA

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of the accelerator ring DARIOS

Elegance of the digital accelerator ring

The adaptation fits well in the car's interior.
The distance between the accelerator ring and the steering-wheel is only about 3/4 inch.

As an option the accelerator ring can be covered with leather matching the color of the steering-wheel.

"It looks like it came from the factory!"
This is a comment we hear quite often from our customers.

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for flat bottom steering wheels

Designed for flat bottom steering wheels, it adapts to its shape

A growing number of the vehicles we adapt have flat bottomed steering wheels.
So we designed the Darios 211 which has flat bottom and still has a sliding sleeve to enable soft and precise accelerations when exiting a tight turn.

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of the accelerator ring DARIOS

The safety of a DARIOS ring:

Two sensors and an electronic circuit are installed inside the steering wheel to maintain the same high level of safety as the car manufacturers.

The airbag remains functional.
The digital signals used between the electronics in the steering wheel and the controller under the dashboard, are immune to electromagnetic noise. 
A switch on the dashboard enables the selection of the accelerator ring or the original accelerator pedal.
The brake pedal always remains functional. 


How does it work?


in laboratories


of the Darios ring

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of the digital accelerator ring DARIOS

The Technology of DARIOS :

When pushing on the ring, two Hall effect sensors inside the steering wheel sense its position and convert it into digital signals which are transmitted to a controller underneath the dashboard using a wired connection.

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DARIOS uses two sensors inside the steering wheel to comply with all car manufacturers’ safety requirements.
All original electronic throttle pedals have two sensors to be immune to electromagnetic noise.
These two sensors are required to avoid unintended accelerations.

Be aware that any electronic accelerator using just one sensor can’t garantee the absence of unintended accelerations.

DARIOS uses a wired connection between the steering wheel and the dashboard to transmit the position of the accelerator ring to the main controller.
DARIOS sends digital signals through this connection because they are immune to electromagnetic noise.

DARIOS constantly senses the speed of the vehicle and adapts its response to be progressive at low speed and dynamic at high speed.

DARIOS requires the matching of two independent signals before deactivating the original throttle pedal and controlling the acceleration of the vehicle with signals identical to the original pedal.

The position of the ring is sent twice every millisecond to the DARIOS electronic unit under the dashboard which controls the acceleration.

Each steering wheel model is measured in 3D before installing the mechanism, the two sensors and the electronic circuit.


of the digital accelerator ring DARIOS

Airbag deployment tests:

Several airbag deployment tests have been performed and all have shown that the ring doesn't affect the airbag's deployment.

The electronic circuits of Darios were tested for electromagnetic compatibility by several car manufacturers in anechoic chambers and have been found to be in compliance with the European requirement E1 2009/19 EC for electromagnetic compatibility.

The result of all EMC Tests:
Darios is immune to electromagnetic noise.
It is garanteed that with Darios you will never experience any unintended acceleration.



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