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PICADO - The steering knob with secondary functions enables a driver using only one hand on the wheel to control up to 16 functions without taking his hand off the knob: 

1 - Wiper - /Washer rear
2 - Wiper + /Washer front
3 - Turn signal left/Power window left (optional)
4 - Turn signal right/Hazard
5 - Lights - Low beam/high beam
6 - Flash (high beam)
7 - Horn

Helpful in round-abouts : 
8 - Turn signal left momentary (approx. 5 cycles)
9 - Turn signal right momentary
(approx. 5 cycles)

The 2nd function of a button is activated by pushing and holding
it for more than 0.5 seconds.

The turn signal buttons are white and slightly illuminated while the other buttons are black.
Like the keys of a piano, their functions are very easily memorized, so there is no need to add stickers with the function symbols.

Please read the manual before using the PICADO.

“I love the Elegance of your design. And using the controls is very intuitive.
And you make the process so easy because you handle all the transportation issues.
And you guarantee your product for a long time and you come on site if there's a problem. You're in it for the long-term relationship with the customer and that is special. I highly recommend you to anybody who talks about hand controls.
It was hard to find you on the internet when I was just searching for keywords but I'm so glad I stuck with it for many hours and weeks and found you.”
Laura B., IL

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