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DARIOS - the digital accelerator ring which adapts its response to your speed

Product Description

Darios in Porsche Panamera
Darios Duo - digital accelerator ring

DARIOS - (Digital Accelerator RIng Optimized for Speed) is worldwide the first accelerator which adapts itself to the speed of a vehicle. Its purpose is to give a high level of comfort and safety to a driver accelerating with his hands.

At low speed the acceleration is smooth, progressive and economical. It makes delicate manoeuvres during parking or backing up very easy. The gas consumption is reduced, because even a rough handling of the accelerator ring will not result in a rough acceleration, and so avoiding any over consumption.
However the full engine power of the vehicle always remains available.

At high speed the acceleration is dynamic and responsive making quick and precise moves like passing on the freeway very safe. It allows you to keep your hands on the wheel in an ergonomical and natural position requiring very little effort.

DARIOS constantly measures the speed of the vehicle and adjusts its reponse to give you an optimal level of comfort and safety while driving. DARIOS never reduces the full engine power which remains available at any speed.

To accelerate the ring is smoothly pushed toward the steering wheel with very little effort.
The needed effort remains constant at all time.

DARIOS can be installed on most vehicles with automatic transmissions.

DARIOS is patented in Europe and North America.



The version "duo" enables the driver to choose between two driving styles : "Standard" or "Sport" (also called "Fun" by some drivers) using a selector on the dashboard. In both styles Darios still adapts the acceleration response to the speed of the vehicle:

I - The "Standard" style gives the driver an excellent sensibility in acceleration, very smooth starts and an enjoyable and economical ride.

II - The "Sport" style gives the driver a dynamic sensation enabling him to skillfully get a very precise acceleration, fast starts and a real pleasure in driving while still enjoying all the advantages of the ring adapting its response to the speed of the car.


Darios 211 with flat bottom
Darios 211 - digital accelerator ring

The version Darios 211 is specifically designed for flat bottom steering wheels. Its shape is not round. It has a flat bottom similar to the shape of the steering wheel.
Its only difference with the DARIOS or DARIOS-DUO is its shape. It also has a sleeve which turns freely over its metal holder. This enables the driver to very precisely control the acceleration when exiting a turn, holding the sleeve and letting the steeirng wheel glide through his fingers.

The sleeve of the Darios 211 turns freely over its holder.

Today the sleeve of the Darios 211 is only available in black, but the small ring is available in many different colors. It's the driver's choice. Here are just a few examples:

Darios Hand controls
Darios 211 with a black ring
Elegance with Darios hand controls


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“I’ve always driven with the ‘old school, push and pull’ type controls for the past 23 years and I actually like this (DARIOS system) much better. It was easy to adapt to. The learning curve is very short.”

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Darios Hand controls
Comfort with Darios hand controls
Elegance with Darios hand controls
Safety with both hands on the wheel

Darios digital accelerator ring
Darios in Ferrari 458 Italia