12 Test drives videos by veterans at the Wheelchair Games

Darios in Panamera
Darios and hand brake

Watch test drives by veterans at the National Veterans Wheelchair Games

Our solution for handcontrols for paraplegic drivers, is the Digital Accelerator Ring and the Main Hand Brake, which can be installed on most cars with automatic transmissions.

Smoothly push the ring towards the steering wheel to accelerate.

Push the main hand brake downward to brake.

In these videos a veteran is comparing driving with standard mechanical hand controls and with the digital accelerator ring and main hand brake.
He shows his first attempt at parallel parking.
He demonstrates city driving in stop and go traffic and freeway driving, still being able to use the cruise control.
He shows the absence of any metal parts in the knee space, enabling easy transfer in and out of the vehicle.
He explains the two modes of the accelerator ring: standard and sport.

He particularly shows how comfortable it is to drive with both hands on the steering wheel.

“The installation is really 1st rate. It performs as well as it looks. I have really enjoyed using the car with the system and it has exceeded my expectations.”

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