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Kempf Brochure
Kempf Brochure

Kempf Brochure

In this 24 page brochure you'll find information about our driving solutions:

Darios - the digital accelerator ring which adapts its response to the speed of the vehicle and the main hand brake

Picado - der stabilized steering knob with secondary functions

The electronic switchable left foot accelerator pedal

and more...







Request a quotation or contact us at 1-888-4KEMPF-US or 1-888-453-6738..
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“I really appreciate the attention to detail you took and you made this car an outstanding vehicle for handicapped individual that enjoys driving.”

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Picado Drehknauf am Lenkrad
Kempf left foot accelerator pedal

Kempf lifetime warranty
Kempf features free transport nationwide