Darios by Kempf

DARIOS - the digital accelerator ring and main hand brake

Darios Mercedes
Darios and main hand brake


Elegant Design

The adaptation fits well in the car's interior, and the vision of the dashboard remains clear.

The distance between the accelerator ring and the steering-wheel is only about 3/4 inch.

As an option to improve the esthetics, the accelerator ring can be covered with leather matching the color of the steering-wheel (21 colors available).


Some examples : (click below and see how the ring and the brake handle change color)
| anthracite | granite | steel | ivory | beige | ambre | chestnut | brown |



Kempf main hand brake

Hand brake handle covered with leather

The Elegance of the main hand brake

The handle of the main hand brake is covered with leather.

21 colors of leather are available.

The mechanism of the main hand brake is hidden inside the dashboard to keep the kneespace free of any metal parts.



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“I took delivery of my Porsche Saturday morning. All I can say, you guys do awesome work. Beautiful work. The controls are seamless. You cannot even tell if the hand-controls are OEM or not. It looks factory done.”

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Darios Hand controls
Comfort with Darios hand controls
Elegance with Darios hand controls
Safety with both hands on the wheel

Darios digital accelerator ring
Darios in Ferrari 458 Italia