Darios tested in Laboratories

EMC Tests

Airbag Deployment Tests

Darios - the digital accelerator ring has been tested in several airbag deployment tests performed by two car manufacturers and by an independent University laboratory, with the same result : The digital accelerator ring doesn't affect the deployment of the airbag.

The action is so fast, that even if the ring is pushed for a millisecond at the end of the deployment, it will have absolutely no effect on the accelerator.


The result of the Airbag Deployment Tests:
Darios - the digital accelerator ring on the steering wheel doesn't affect the deployment of the airbag.


Electromagnetic Compatibility Tests (EMC)

Darios - the digital accelerator ring was tested for electromagnetic compatibility by several car manufacturers in anechoic chambers and has been found to be in compliance with the European requirement E1 2009/19 EC for electromagnetic compatibility.

The result of all EMC Tests:
Darios is immune to electromagnetic noise. It is garanteed that with Darios you will never experience any unintended accelerations.

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