DARIOS - the digital accelerator ring and main hand brake

Darios Mercedes

Driving Safety

The digital accelerator ring is compatible with the driver's side airbag and with an airbag installed in the knee area.

The original pedals remain functional as well as all multifunctions and adjustments of the steering-wheel.

The main hand brake is a lever coming out of the dashboard, pivoting around one horizontal and invisible axis. The mechanical connection with the brake pedal is hidden behind the dashboard - therefore, in the event of a crash, the driver's legs will have no chance of coming in contact with any mechanical elements of the handcontrols : the car's passive safety is not compromised by the presence of the hand brake.

The digital transmission of the accelerator ring guarantees the level of safety of modern cars, by assuring to be insensitive to electromagnetic noise.

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"After driving a large van for two years after my injury using 1950s push pull lever technology I felt there must be something better and was so pleased to find the Kempt digital and driving controls. As a result I purchased a high-performance automobile and now I can drive it with both hands on the wheel in full control. 
No more suicide knob and a push pull lever that frequently destroyed my breaks and gave me limited control of the vehicle. This new system gives me total control and great responsiveness, it's a real breakthrough!"

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Darios Hand controls
Comfort with Darios hand controls
Elegance with Darios hand controls
Safety with both hands on the wheel

Darios digital accelerator ring
Darios in Ferrari 458 Italia