DARIOS - the digital accelerator ring and main hand brake

The Technology - How does it work?

Darios Technology

DARIOS uses two sensors inside the steering wheel to comply with all car manufacturers’ safety requirements. All original electronic throttle pedals have two sensors to be immune to electromagnetic noise.
These two sensors are required to avoid unintended accelerations.

Be aware that any electronic accelerator using just one sensor can’t garantee the absence of unintended accelerations.

DARIOS uses a wired connection between the steering wheel and the dashboard to transmit the position of the accelerator ring to the gaspedal.

DARIOS sends digital signals through this connection because they are immune to electromagnetic noise (see compatibility tests).

DARIOS constantly senses the speed of your vehicle and adapts its response to be progressive at low speed and dynamic at high speed.
DARIOS requires the matching of two independent signals before deactivating the original throttle pedal and controlling the acceleration of your vehicle with signals identical to the original pedal.

Each steering wheel model is measured in 3D before installing the mechanism, the two sensors and the electronic circuit.
The position of the ring is sent twice every millisecond to the DARIOS electronic unit under the dashboard which controls the acceleration.


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