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Where can I have these car adaptations installed?
Our main installation facility is in Tampa Florida. We offer free transport of your vehicle nationwide (in the 48 contiguous states) round trip to our facility and back for any installation of a Darios handcontrols or a Picado steering knob with secondary functions.
Installations of left foot accelerator pedals can be performed only at our facility in Tampa, FL.

Once I have the Darios handcontrols installed in my car, can my spouse still drive using the pedals?
Yes, the accelerator ring can be disabled with a switch installed on the dashbaord, and the vehicle can then be driven with the original gas pedal. The brake pedal remains functional at all time. All the adjustments of the steering column and all airbags remain functional.

How long is the warranty?
All Kempf products have a lifetime warranty. Should the need for service arise we will send a technician the next business day nationwide (in the 48 contiguous states) free of charge.

What happens if I need service?
Should the need for service arise we will send a technician the next business day nationwide (in the 48 contiguous states) free of charge.

Does the VA (Department of Veterans Affairs) pay for the Darios handcontrols?
Yes, the Department of Veterans Affairs pays for any of our adaptations if you are a veteran whose injuries are considered "service connected" and you qualify for VA Form 4502 also called "autogrant". Please contact your prosthetics representative for more information. You may also contact us.

Does insurance pay for the Darios handcontrols?
Yes, some State insurances, some vocational rehabilitation services and other private insurances have paid for our adaptations. It is always worth trying. Please contact us so we may help you in this process.

Why is the price so much higher than mechanical handcontrols?
Darios - the digital hand controls are designed specifically for each vehicle model. Every new model of steering wheel is measured in 3D to determine how much space is left between the airbag and the steering wheel and to design specific parts to install in this space the Darios mechanism, two Hall effect sensors and an electronic circuit.
The main hand brake is perfectly integrated inside the dashboard which requires research and development time for each new model of vehicle. The Darios electronic is programmed specifically for each vehicle to reproduce the exact same electronic signals as the orginal gas pedal.

Do you sell pre-owned vehicles adapted with the Darios handcontrols?
Sometimes we are aware of customers' vehicles which are for sale. Please contact us so we may put you in touch with them.


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