At the beginning . . . the perseverance of one man

Kempf Headquarter in Alsace

In 1954

In 1954 Jean-Pierre KEMPF, who had lost the use of both legs after contracting polio, invented the accelerator ring to be able to drive his car keeping both hands on the steering wheel.
He founded his company in his garage and became the leader in his field in France.

First the accelerator ring was a mechanical device with a rod going through the steering column and pushing on the original accelerator pedal.

When steering wheels started having airbags, the accelerator ring became an electronic device and today it uses digital technology.

At the end of his life in 2002, Jean-Pierre KEMPF had sold over 100 000 accelerator rings. Using an accelerator ring became the standard way of driving for a paraplegic driver in France and many other European countries.

Martine KEMPF, Jean-Pierre's daughter is today CEO of KEMPF Inc. in the US.


Jean-Pierre Kempf in 1954
Jean-Pierre Kempf in 1988
Jean-Pierre Kempf in 2001
Jean-Pierre Kempf in 1997


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