Our solution for hand controls for paraplegic drivers, is the Digital Accelerator Ring DARIOS and the Main Hand Brake.
It allows the driver to keep both hands on the wheel.

DARIOS and the main hand brake can be installed on most vehicles with automatic transmissions. The original pedals remain functional.
The ring is installed on your original steering wheel and all Airbags, all adjustments (tilt and telescopic), the horn, the cruise control and its multifunctions remain functional.
At low speed the acceleration is smooth and progressive. At high speed the acceleration is quick and dynamic. Only very little effort is needed to accelerate.


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Darios Handbedienung
Comfort with Darios hand controls
Elegance with Darios hand controls
Sicherheit mit zwei Sensoren im Lenkrad

Darios digitaler Gasring
Darios in Ferrari 458 Italia