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“I had the Darios Ring and Handbrake installed on my 2013 Town and Country van in July, Fantastic device, I love having the ability to drive again. Install looks factory and having the ability to switch off so my wife can drive the van is fantastic. Thank you Kempf and Martine.” Harry R., NJ


Toyota Sienna with Dariso
Toyota Sienna with Darios and brake

“I had been using standard hand controls for a couple of decades and always thought that there had to be something better. I found it now.
I love these hand controls. I can keep my hands on the steering wheel when making a turn and don’t have to juggle an awkward hand control that when moved down to accelerate also requires me to fight with it interfering with my knee” Patty R., TN


“I've had used MPS for more than thirty five years and on occasion they would scrape up my right knee when getting into the vehicle. Not a big deal originally but as the years went by it happened more often. When I saw the Kempf controls I knew they were just what I needed and am now on my second set.
While at the SDVA, Martine drove down on a weekend so I could try the controls in the VA parking lot and I was sold. I suppose my only complaint is that there is now only one place in the country that can do the installation and with trailer time installation is slower then I would prefer but to date I had had zero need for any extra work done and the installation looks like it came from the Toyota factory.” Mike S., AZ

“The engineers / technicians I conversed with were very professional. The exhibited compassion,, understanding and above all, they listened to what I said my needs were. They always replied to my phone messages.
The Hand brake has made me more confident when driving and it had an immediate impact. There really was no learning curve required. The technology is very simple yet leading edge. After understanding how it was designed, assembled and being totally mechanical, made it even more desirable. It is literally maintenance free!

I had spoken with numerous auto modifiers and Kempf was second to none, just superior! I am very confident and happy that I chose Kempf products for my driving needs without a doubt.
Just continue your R & D and installation of leading edge technology! Keep it simple. Thanks!” Ron M., NC


“I’ve enjoyed driving with the hand rings that have been installed in all my vehicles! Kempf has gone above and beyond with their Service! I’d recommend them to anyone.
When I call I always get through or a return call is done with delay!

They stand behind the product and installation 100%!” Cecil H., GA

“Intense research on the internet led me to contact Kempf, I was impressed in conversation with the owner and management.
Although I did not test drive the, Darios and hand brake before driving, after purchasing and driving I find that all the criteria apply to my liking the product.
I made a couple of calls with questions, not answered immediately, but they give an emergency number. Satisfied with this.
My digital hand controls (Darios and hand brake) were installed in my 2017 Subaru Outback in May 2017, so far working flawlessly, this has enabled me to travel without the assistance of another person.
About the learning process of using this product there is hardly any, upon arrival and unloading my Outback from the car-hauler, I immediately drove to school to pick up my grandson.” Robert W., TN


“We have had your product for 6 months.
It has all the qualities listed... My wife is an amputee and loves your product.
Your factory service and staff were excellent.” Andrea S., FL


“Since I have less nerve feeling in my feet, I was losing my confidence to brake. I was beginning to not feel the brake with my feet. The Kempf system has given me renewed confidence in driving and allows me to continue to have the freedom of controlling my own transportation needs.” Bill S., NC


“I met Martine at the Veterans Wheelchair Games in Pittsburg a couple years ago. I test drove the system and loved it.
I have a left shoulder disability and this system is so much better and easier to use.

Not only the accelerator ring but the brake is right at my left hand and very comfortable.” Paul C. AZ


“I wanted something that was easy to learn to use, that allowed me to drive with both hands on the steering wheel, did not take up much space as I have my seat all the way up close to the steering wheel, and that did not look like a handicap controls.” Chris G., CA


“Very please with my whole experience with Kempf. The equipment works great.” Mitchell H., AL


“I love the Elegance of your design. And using the controls is very intuitive. And you make the process so easy because you handle all the transportation issues. And you guarantee your product for a long time and you come on site if there's a problem. You're in it for the long-term relationship with the customer and that is special. I highly recommend you to anybody who talks about hand controls. It was hard to find you on the internet when I was just searching for keywords but I'm so glad I stuck with it for many hours and weeks and found you.” Laura B., IL


I had developed thumb pain from years of using push pull controls. I was looking for something ergonomical that would allow me to drive with one hand as well.
Kempf does a seamless install that looks almost factory.
This is my third vehicle Kempf outfitted. I'm a customer for life.” Adam P., FL


”While every time I get behind the wheel of my cheerful little orange Prius C, I silently say thanks to you, it seems only appropriate to express those thanks in writing. So, my deepest expression of thanks to Jean-Pierre Kempf for creating the model and to you, Martine, for the DARIOS and main hand brake that have given me back my freedom and independence.  

Since getting my vehicle equipped in Florida, I've been able to make two roundtrips to Rochester, Minnesota, for appointments at the Mayo Clinic (2,400 miles), and, perhaps equally important, I'm now able to drive to an indoor pool three days a week for my deep-water exercises. Thank you, THANK YOU!!” Marilyn G., IL


“Very happy overall with the look and functionality of the conversion. I would definitely recommend to others!” Colin K., MI


“I didn't like the push-pull systems (afraid I might accidentally accelerate instead of brake in a stressful situation), so ease of use and therefore safety were the main selling points with the DARIOS system before purchasing. 

I will say, the system looks very nice and appears to be like original equipment to the car. My car has some newer technologies but I always like showing off the digital hand controls first because of how slick the whole DARIOS setup looks and performs.

I feel like the customer service has been great. They are always quick to respond to any questions and resolved issues without too much or no hassle to me. For example, when there was damage to the car from the third-party transport company, Kempf fixed it like new at no new cost to me.

It's so great to be able to get around by myself again but even aside from the practical/functional aspect, it just adds so much to the car in the "coolness" factor. Definitely worth the extra money and I'm so glad I chose the DARIOS system over the other options out there.” Bryce D., MT


“Amazing quality and workmanship. Prompt professional response always.” John F. CA


“I was just lucky to find you.
Your product was the only one I could find that seemed safe to use.
I got a response right away and the answers I was looking for.
It was everything I was hoping for.
Putting the break knob on the left side of the wheel really seems to work best.” Thomas L., NH


“Durability and Safety exceed our expectations.
We are so very delighted with adaptions. Easy to learn and use. Looks fantastic and performs beyond expectations.
Top class service from start to finish.
Service is superior to any mobility adaptive equipment I have used. Quality and service in one place is amazing. Driving with confidence is a pleasure thanks for Kempf” Donna H., GA


“I love the Darios system! Now that I can drive feel like I’ve been let out of jail. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!” Terry G., MN


“I had a Darios accelerator ring installed on my Honda Odyssey minivan 5 years ago and I love it. No other hand controls can compare.” Robert P., NJ


“I had my older VW outfitted with the hand controls and then when I sold that car I had a brand new Chrysler Pacifica conversion van with ramp for wheelchair outfitted. We see a lot of fancy sports cars with the hand controls but I want folks to know that you don't have to have a fancy or expensive car or a new car to get the hand controls. Yes, they are more expensive than other controls that people typically get but I got these because they were more intuitive to me and I thought easy-to-use. And you could turn them on or off and other people could use your vehicle instantly. So many benefits to these controls even though they have a heftier price tag.” Laura B., IL


“I have limited mobility and a power chair (Jazzy Elite HD). Kempf converted my 2008 Honda Pilot with Darios and right hand brake. I installed a Bruno lift (curbsider?) to get my chair in and out of the back. I love my Darios! It gave me independence back; I just need to be able to make it from the rear of my vehicle to the drivers seat. I suppose if my mobility were more restricted, I may have to go with the van/ramp solution, but that would require more parking clearance than my current set up. When the time finally comes to replace my Pilot, I know I will be in contact with Kempf again.” Paul F., IL


“I was looking to install a left-foot accelerator in my new Mercedes Benz E300. Kempf product is the only true accelerator I found.
Reliability was important because I live in San Jose, California and the installation was done in Florida. Have not had any problems of any kind to date and am very happy with the quality of the product.” Dan L., CA


“I have always had to drive with a left foot accelerator and was a bit disheartened when I moved to the States from the UK 18 years ago to find that the only left foot system on offer was a bulky and unwieldy, (not to mention ugly) bar pedal that eventually rusted, and was hard to install and remove when others wanted to drive my car. Your system works so well and is a joy to use! It's also a massive bonus that the pedal looks like it actually belongs to the car.” Claire G., NY


“I had a left side gas pedal installed in my 2013 Toyoya Tacoma. Installation was fantastic, the technician was very knowledgeable and went above and beyond to meet some requests I had. I believed in this product so much that I drove from Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada to Tampa, Florida to have it installed. No regrets, it works every time. The craftsman ship beats anything locally. I only wish the had a closer location for installations in future vehicles.
Top quality - Top notch service” Matt C., NS Canada


“Absolutely superior to any other device out there.” David D., TX

“I was strongly inclined to get a system that could be used by non-adaptive needing drivers as well as myself and that there be no rods or impediments in the way for them. This was the only system I found that allowed for that.
I could not ask for a more simple and reliable system in my car. I also have great ease of mind knowing that if anything were to not work properly, it is just a phone call away from getting help. All has been in working order since May!” Christina W., AZ

“Very well made equipment!” Timothy L., PA

“It is difficult to say what Kempf can improve since every criteria is fulfilled. I come to love this product and couldn't imagine my car without it. It makes life so much easier for me.” Angelika W., CA

“We wanted a system that could be disabled so that the car could be driven without controls. Kempf was recommended and fits our needs perfectly!” Lisa W., AZ

Honda Odyssey with Darios and Brake
Hyonda Odyssey with Darios and brake
“I met Martine at the NJ Abilities Expo several years ago. I was disappointed in the mechanical "home-made erector set" construction of other hand controls I had seen before Darios. When I saw Darios it was obviously high quality and superior technology.
The Darios installation is perfect and the device is easy to use. I love it and enjoy showing it to everyone. In fact, I have demonstrated the device to some of your prospective customers.” Bob P.

, NJ

“The extra switch for responsiveness seems superfluous, but we have no suggestions for improvement to the system overall. We love it.” Gary M., AZ

“We wanted a system that could be disabled so that the car could be driven without controls. Kempf was recommended and fits our needs perfectly!” Lisa W., AZ

Ford Mustang with Darios and brake
Ford Mustang with Darios and brake
“If you have any type of upscale automobile, I highly recommend this system. Also, when it comes to effective braking and safety, this hand brake is much safer and the braking power is much stronger than a standard linkage. The adaptive equipment is hardly noticed by anyone who views my car, and there is no blockage from my body to the controls.
For three years I have not had any issues with the modifications. When I buy my next car I am going with Kempf to modify it.” Scoba R., CA

“Your hand controls are much easier to use and less tiring to use. Also, they take up less space.” Thomas B., AL


“The system installed in my 2011 Nissan Altima is absolutely exquisite! I took classes in the use of the bolt on the pedals rod system where you always must drive with only one hand on the wheel. Terrible. Also all that hardware reduces leg room and can detach itself unexpectedly. The Kempf system was my choice the first time I saw the video. Driving with the system is second nature to me after 3 years, perfect. When I take the car to the carwash, valet parking, or to the Dealer for service, I simply have to switch off the system and the car returns to normal operation for the temporary operator.
It could not be designed any better!” Ronald K., FL


Toyota Camry with Darios and brake
Toyota Camry with Darios and brake

“Kempf is a regular advertiser in a publication for disabled Veterans I receive on a regular basis. The print material is very attractive and immediately grabs your interest because the controls are attractive and very nicely designed.
Automobile hand controls have been clumsy and very disruptive to your vehicle's interior until the Kempf system became available. I've never had a vehicle that didn't suffer from the installation of controls by other manufacturers. Equipment that your knees collided with was just the beginning, air conditioning ducts that no longer worked, and equipment that required lubrication and adjustment were constant problems.
I have two vehicles adapted and we are very happy with the product. In a simple statement, it's the BEST hand control equipment I've used in 40+ years of driving. Be sure you consider all issues. The standard configuration and installation will do for 99.9% of us, but if you have special needs or desires, let them know and discuss your needs. Kempf adapts some very exotic vehicles, so if you have the budget they can meet your requirements.” Bill M., CA

“The product also looked elegant and I was impressed with the technology. Nothing else on the market really seemed to compare with the Kempf system. I love how quickly I was able to adapt to the system. i love driving again.
The installation is very professional and looks as though it was part of the car from the start. Thank you again to the whole staff at the Tampa installation center and to Martine. I love my Kempf system. You gave me back my independence.” Connie S., FL


Honda HR-V with Darios and brake
Honda HR-V with Darios and brake

“I wanted something that either me or my hubby could drive without having to get down on the auto floor to unscrew hardware.
Very happy camper! My ability to go somewhere is now restored. Feeling really cooped up before this. Independence once again!” Patricia W., GA

“A superb company with superior attention to detail.” Roger S., MD

“I've used an accelerator ring for many years. Always from Kempf. They are the best and the customer support is excellent!!! They truly back up their product.”  Denina M., GA

Hyundai Sonata with Darios and brake
Hyundai Sonata with Darios and brake
“To date I've put over 150,000 miles on the vehicle with Kempf controls. Most recently, during a holiday from work I was able to experience a 2,200 mile 7 day driving adventure from San Diego to the bottom of the Baja California peninsula and back! A year prior the same car rode a friend and I to the shores of the Beaufort Sea on Alaska's northern coast for a swim amongst icebergs.
Having the ease of ability for operation transition between hand controls and normal pedal operation has been wonderful. Partnered driving expeditions are allowed equal "behind the wheel time" as pursued thanks to the Kempf's product switch feature that allows this.
As a customer, I am totally satisfied with the product and service. Thank you Kempf!! Happy New Year : )” Mark Z., CA

“I couldn't say enough about the installation of the left side gas pedal in my new Avalon. The staff was great, the installation looked like it was factory installed, you would never never think it was aftermarket. Car was immaculate when I picked it up.” Mike G., FL

“This was our second left footed gas pedal. The first worked fine so we bought a second.
Works perfect the wife loves it. Curtis and his team are fine techs.
I can't imagine how you could improve. Everything was super.” Joel C., AL


"Our Camry with new pedal was delivered this morning.. beautiful job. The pedal button is even nicely integrated in the dash board! Delivery guys were very nice people.. My wife is so happy. Thank you." Charles P., FL

“The left gas pedal looks and functions like stock! It's very comfortable to use and much better than the other products on the market for driving with the left leg.
The Kempf technology allows me to stretch my right leg, which is more comfortable.
Very pleased - well worth the time and cost!” Jeffrey B., MA


Ferrari California with Darios and brake
Ferrari California with Darios and brake

The installation is really 1st rate.  It performs as well as it looks.  I have really enjoyed using the car with the system and it has exceeded my expectations. The brake handle installation works perfectly and you managed the installation issues perfectly too.  The solution to come from the bottom and place a bend in the handle looks and performs great as well. I couldn't be happier...
Again, I want to thank you for doing such a terrific job with the Ferrari California.

Shawn F., FL


Porsche Panamera adapted with Darios and brake by Kempf
Porsche Panamera with Darios and brake


"The controls are seamless. You cannot even tell if the hand-controls are OEM or not. It looks factory done... The throttle ring seems as if it belongs on the steering wheel."

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Vehicle: 2013 Porsche Panamera
Adaptation: DARIOS - Digital accelerator ring and main hand brake

I took delivery of my Porsche Saturday morning. All I can say, you guys do awesome work. Beautiful work. The controls are seamless. You cannot even tell if the hand-controls are OEM or not. It looks factory done. I’ve had people sit in my car and ask me, “How do you drive this? There aren’t any hand-control thingy’s here?” The throttle ring seems as if it belongs on the steering wheel. I’m also surprised my wheelchair doesn’t catch on the ring as I’m pulling in my wheelchair. Since I come from a quality assurance background in engineering, I check for discrepancies in workmanship. And looking at your installation, it was very hard find any which explains the cost. It’s well worth it. I’ve always driven with the ‘old school, push and pull’ type controls for the past 23 years and I actually like this (DARIOS system) much better. It was easy to adapt to. The learning curve is very short.

Pres P., CA

Toyota Sienna with Darios and brake from Kempf
Toyota Sienna with Darios and brake


" The installation is not just professionally done, but it is done so well that the system appears a part of the original equipment of the vehicle. "

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Vehicle: Toyota Sienna
Adaptation: DARIOS - Digital accelerator ring and main hand brake

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my DARIOS System. I have not driven in almost two years; after the system was installed, I drove all the way home from Tampa, a distance of over 800 miles, with no problem at all. Everything worked perfectly, and I had no trouble with the driving. What an excellent technological advancement your system is.

I also wanted to tell you how impressed I was with Richard Jackson and his work. Not only was he kind enough to pick up the vehicle at the hotel on a holiday and return it there, as well, he did everything he said he would do on schedule and without complaint. I have an idea he put in some rather long days to turn the car around in such a short time. The installation is not just professionally done, but it is done so well that the system appears a part of the original equipment of the vehicle. What a find Richard is for you and your business.

Finally, if I may ever be of assistance to you or your business, please do not hesitate to let me know. In a time when workmanship is often shoddy, when craftsmen are unfortunately anything but, and keeping to a tight schedule is all but unheard of, you are setting a new standard with a fine product, an able and committed staff, and a handshake-is-your-bond operation. You have earned not only my respect but also my regard.

To you Ms. Kempf, and to Richard Jackson, as well, thank you for returning a significant portion of my freedom to me.

John W. S., Ph.D. Pikeville, KY

Jeep Liberty with adapted by Kempf
Jeep Liberty with digital hand controls


”The system looks and works better than I ever imagined.  It is a step into the 21st century.  I’m glad I chose Kempf.
Thanks again for a great job! ”

Rick T. from Jay, VT
Vehicle: Jeep Liberty
Adaptation: Digital accelerator ring and main hand brake



“...the brake handle is a joy to use compared to the push rod system I was accustomed to."

The first time out driving my new 2011 Toyota Sienna convinced me that I had made the correct decision to install the Kempf ring instead of the typical rod and bar system that I have used in various configurations over the past fifty-nine years.

I found the Kempf ring very responsive, even forgiving of my tendency to use excessive pressure starting from a stop, and the brake handle is a joy to use compared to the push rod system I was accustomed to.

The learning curve was easier than I anticipated, and it made me wonder why I had not considered the steering ring earlier.

The new experience offered driving with both hands on the steering wheel with easy access to the brake lever instead of pushing forward that is typical of old style controls. Many periods of arm, hand, and shoulder stress associated with long hours of driving have made me a happy Kempf ring driver beyond my expectations.
One learns quickly to adapt to the ring accelerator with a sliding sleeve on the ring, unique to the Kempf installation.
Robin I. W., Ph.D., CA



"Driving with hand controls is outstanding, . . .
. . . you made this car an outstanding vehicle for handicapped individual that enjoys driving."

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Vehicle: Volkwagen Phaeton
Adaptation: Digital accelerator ring and main hand brake

"After driving a large van for two years after my injury using 1950s push pull lever technology I felt there must be something better and was so pleased to find the Kempt digital and driving controls. 
As a result I purchased a high-performance automobile and now I can drive it with both hands on the wheel in full control. 
No more suicide knob and a push pull lever that frequently destroyed my breaks and gave me limited control of the vehicle. 
This new system gives me total control and great responsiveness, it's a real breakthrough!"

Last week I drove the car for the first time about 35 miles up to a dealership to get the body taken care of so it looks absolutely pristine.  Driving with a hand controls is outstanding, I can't wait to drive it using the paddle shifter's as it will really make it a true driving experience with the accelerator in sport mode. 
I really appreciate the attention to detail you took and you made this car an outstanding vehicle for handicapped individual that enjoys driving.  I certainly appreciate the attention to detail and a minor amount of cutting you did to install the unit. 
Thanks again for the great quality job.
Don G. from Chicago, IL



"The Digital Accelerator Ring is wonderful. 
So easy to use." 

Rudy Y. from St Louis, MO
Vehicle: Lexus R300, Honda Odyssey, Subaru XV Crosstrek
Adaptation: Digital accelerator ring and main hand brake

BMW 3-serie with left foot accelerator
BMW 3-serie with left foot accelerator


"With the Kempf design, I’m much more comfortable...
The car drives as designed because the same gas pedal as is stock is used for the left pedal...
Kempf did a wonderful job installing the product."

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Vehicle: BMW 3-series
Adaptation: Electronic left foot accelerator pedal

“After a bicycling accident in 1999 left my right leg partially paralyzed due to a hip fracture, I have used left gas pedals to drive.  However, I was never able to get comfortable, as my hip has a limited range of motion and the mechanical gas pedal designs require a block over the regular accelerator pedal.  Therefore, with the mechanical designs, my leg was bent more than was comfortable and my lower back was forced to curve in order to compensate for the reduced hip flexibility.  Also, the system had to be removed each time someone else drove the car. 

With the Kempf design, I’m much more comfortable because I can stretch out my right leg.  The car drives as designed because the same gas pedal as is stock is used for the left pedal.  Even the switch on the dashboard to move between the right and left gas pedals is of high quality.  As an added bonus, since the system is simply a matching gas pedal installed to the left of the brake pedal, it looks very finished. 

Finally, Kempf did a wonderful job installing the product.  

Jeff B. from Boston, MA


Watch the video from Lawrence Howe who drives his Audi TT with Darios - the digital accelerator ring and a main right hand brake:


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"The installation is not just professionally done, but it is done so well that the system appears a part of the original equipment of the vehicle."

... read what our customers are saying.

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