Darios Mercedes
Darios - the digital accelerator ring

Main Hand Brake

The main left or right hand brake consists of a lever coming out of the dashboard that pivots around one horizontal and invisible axis.
The brake lever’s handle moves downward.
No need to bend forward to brake, so you keep your eyes level at all time.
The force required to brake by hand is approximately one half of the one required by foot.

The mechanical connection with the brake pedal is hidden behind the bottom cover of the dashboard.
Therefore, the knee space remains free of any metal parts.

The knee airbag remains functional as well.

Kempf main hand brake
The main hand brake

The main hand brake for each new car model requires research and development to maintain the original safety level designed by the car manufacturers.

In case of a failure in the original braking system the full braking range is obtainable with the main hand brake lever.




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“The brake handle installation works perfectly and you managed the installation issues perfectly too. The solution to come from the bottom and place a bend in the handle looks and performs great as well. I couldn't be happier...”

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Darios and Kempf hand brake
Darios in a Ferrari 458 Italia
Darios accelerator ring
Kempf hand controls  in Tesla Model S

Kempf hand brake in Ferrari 458 Italia
Darios and brake in Ferrari 458 Italia