electronic left foot accelerator
electronic left foot accelerator

The switchable electronic left foot accelerator pedal

Driving Comfort

No handling or diplacing of any part is necessary to switch between the original and the left foot accelerator pedal.

A green lighted switch installed on the dashboard enables the driver to select the left foot accelerator pedal during 10 seconds after each engine start.

The use of an identical original pedal for the left foot accelerator pedal, provides the same comfort as the original pedal.



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 “After a bicycling accident in 1999 left my right leg partially paralyzed due to a hip fracture, I have used left gas pedals to drive. However, I was never able to get comfortable, as my hip has a limited range of motion and the mechanical gas pedal designs require a block over the regular accelerator pedal. Therefore, with the mechanical designs, my leg was bent more than was comfortable and my lower back was forced to curve in order to compensate for the reduced hip flexibility. Also, the system had to be removed each time someone else drove the car. With the Kempf design, I’m much more comfortable because I can stretch out my right leg.”

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electronic left foot accelerator pedal
left foot accelerator by kempf
Left foot accelerator pedal by Kempf
Kempf electronic left foot accelerator

electronic left foot accelerator by Kempf
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