Left foot accelerator pedal by Kempf
Left foot accelerator pedal

The switchable electronic left foot accelerator pedal

Product Description

The electronically commutable left foot accelerator pedal is designed for drivers without the use of their right leg.

It can be installed in any car with automatic transmission and with an original electronic accelerator pedal.

A second accelerator pedal identical to the original one is installed on the left of the brake pedal.

A green push button installed on the dashboard enables the selection between both accelerator pedals only shortly after the start of the engine.

In the absence of a selection the original accelerator pedal on the right is always functional. This prevents any confusion when the car is driven by a driver using his right foot.

Both accelerator pedals are never active at the same time.

The electronic circuit has passed successfully all required electromagnetic compatibility tests.


Electronic left foot gas pedal
Switch between pedals by the push of a button.

An elegant solution :

For years left foot accelerator pedals were designed using mechanical solutions. It was always necessary to move or remove mechanical parts to be able to use either the left or the original accelerator pedal.

Now the push of a button is all it takes to select the left foot accelerator pedal.



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“With the Kempf design, I’m much more comfortable because I can stretch out my right leg.”

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electronic left foot accelerator pedal
left foot accelerator by kempf
Left foot accelerator pedal by Kempf
Kempf electronic left foot accelerator

electronic left foot accelerator by Kempf
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