switchable left foot accelerator pedal by Kempf
switchable left foot accelerator pedal

The switchable electronic left foot accelerator pedal


At each engine start the green lighted pushbutton installed on the dashboard flashes indicating that a selection of the left foot accelerator pedal is possible by pushing on it.

After the selection the button stays ON.

In the absence of a selection the original accelerator pedal is active and the button stops flashing after 10 seconds and remains OFF until the next engine start.

The switching between both accelerator pedal is done by an electronic circuit installed under the dashboard. This circuit was tested for electromagnetic compatibility. See EMC tests

Both accelerator pedals are never active at the same time.



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“The car drives as designed because the same gas pedal as is stock is used for the left pedal. Even the switch on the dashboard to move between the right and left gas pedals is of high quality. As an added bonus, since the system is simply a matching gas pedal installed to the left of the brake pedal, it looks very finished. “

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electronic left foot accelerator pedal
left foot accelerator by kempf
Left foot accelerator by Kempf
Kempf electronic left foot accelerator

electronic left foot accelerator by Kempf
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