Picado by Kempf
Picado Kempf

PICADO - the stabilized steering knob with secondary functions

Driving Comfort

PICADO is the first steering knob which doesn’t turn freely around its axis. A weak but stabilizing force maintains the knob in one orientation. The driver’s hand can rest on the stabilized knob while driving. At the onset of a turn or during parking manoeuvers the stabilizing force is hardly noticeable.

The ergonomic shape of the steering knob enables the driver to steer comfortably even while parking.
The very light weight of the knob and its control unit which doesn't require a battery, will not affect the steering even with a light power steering.

The two white and illuminated turn-signal buttons are easily recognized by touch through their slight difference in height.
The buttons are positionned to be easily reached by the thumb or the index finger of the steering hand.
With six buttons the driver controls up to 16 functions because some buttons control multiple functions.

The original horn function on the steering wheel remains functional.


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Steering knob Picado by Kempf
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