Picado steering knob by Kempf
Picado by Kempf

PICADO - the stabilized steering knob with secondary functions

Product Description

Our solution for driving with only one hand on the steering wheel, is Picado - the stabilized steering knob with the controls of secondary functions.

Using only one hand, the driver steers his or her car holding the steering knob and activates the electric functions using the buttons placed in reaching distance of his thumb.

The system enables the driver to control the turn signals, the warning lights, the headlights, the washer, the wipers and as an option the left power window.

Through the use of direct wiring no battery is needed on the steering wheel.

The system can be installed on all cars with automatic transmission including cars with multiplex electronics.

The system is compatible with the airbag and can be installed in most vehicles.
The original secondary functions remain functional.

Picado by Kempf
Picado the stabilized steering knob

PICADO a real innovation :

PICADO, the steering knob with secondary functions is designed with a rotational stabilizing force giving the driver unsurpassed comfort and safety. Particularly while driving straight on, the hand muscles are far less solicited than with a standard
steering knob which turns freely around its axis.
PICADO allows the control of up to 16 functions, like turn signals, wipers, washers, lights, horn,...

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"The controls are seamless. You cannot even tell if the hand-controls are OEM or not. It looks factory done... The throttle ring seems as if it belongs on the steering wheel."

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Steering knob Picado by Kempf
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