Picado Kempf

PICADO - the stabilized steering knob with secondary functions

Elegant design

The steering knob and its control unit are covered with fine leather to fit esthetically to the car's interior.

The symetrically formed control units are tightly fitted to the steering wheel's rim and don't interfere with the view of the instruments on the dashboard.

The turnsignal buttons are white and slightly illuminated while the other five buttons are black. Similar to the keys of a piano, their functions are very easily memorized, so there is no need to add stickers with the function symbols.

Keeping the number of buttons to six makes the design clean and easy to control, giving access to up to 14 secondary functions by the touch of a button. Some buttons have multiple functions.



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"The installation is not just professionally done, but it is done so well that the system appears a part of the original equipment of the vehicle."

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Steering knob Picado by Kempf
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