Picado steering knob by Kempf
Picado Kempf

PICADO - the stabilized steering knob with secondary functions

Driving Safety

PICADO - the steering knob with its control unit are firmly installed on the rim of the steering wheel. No removable brackets or parts are used.

The system is compatible with the airbag and doesn't affect its deployment.

The original functions remain operational.

The system uses the original wiring for the horn between the steering wheel and the dashboard keeping the horn function on the steering wheel operational. It therefore doesn't require any battery installed in the steering wheel. It functions reliably in any circumstances.

The system doesn't interfere with the original electronic circuits of the car. It only reproduces the electric contacts necessary to control the secondary functions.


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“The installation is really 1st rate. It performs as well as it looks. I have really enjoyed using the car with the system and it has exceeded my expectations.”

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Steering knob Picado by Kempf
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