Picado stabilized steering knob
Picado Kempf

PICADO - the stabilized steering knob with secondary functions


When the driver activates a button on the control unit, the command is sent through an existing wired connection from the steering wheel to the dashboard where it is analyzed by the main electronic controller.

The appropriate function is then activated, like it would by the original controls. The use of a wired connection makes the system perfectly reliable in all circumstances. No battery is needed like it would be with infrared systems.

The system is programmable to fit the specific wiring requirements of each car. It can be installed on all vehicles with automatic transmission including vehicles with multiplex electronics.

With PICADO you can control up to 16 Functions:

The second function of a button is activated by pushing longer on the button:

1 - Wiper speed - /
Washer rear
2 - Wiper speed + /
Washer front
3 - Turn signal left /
Power window left (optional)
4 - Turn signal right /
Hazards lights
5 - Low beam headlights /
ighbeam headlights
6 - Flasher
7 - Horn

Helpful in roundabouts:

8 - Momentary turn signal left
(timing of approx. 5 flashes)
9 - Momentary turn signal right
(timing of approx. 5 flashes)

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